Say goodbye to laundry-related conflicts and enjoy a clean and fresh home with ease.

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Easy coordination

Just add your desired washing and wait for partners.

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Full control

You decide what kind of urgency you have and what people you want to wash with.

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I can't believe how much time and stress this app has saved us. No more fighting over the washing machine, and no more forgotten loads of laundry sitting around for days. We're all much more productive now that we have one less thing to worry about.



I was skeptical at first, but this app is a game-changer. It's amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference in our daily lives. We're all much happier now that we don't have to worry about laundry anymore.



This app has completely changed my life and how my flatmates and I manage our laundry. Great success! We used to argue all the time about whose turn it was, but now everything is organized and fair. Plus, it's really easy to use!

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